When you fish with friends

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It was a winter morning on Friday. I woke up early in the morning. It was Holy Friday. I went to the bathroom to take a bath, I took a bath because it is a good habit to take a bath on Friday. I prayed, I went to my cattle and checked my cattle,

All my cattle were very good and I closed the door of the cattle farm room so that cold air does not enter my cattle room. It is very important to protect livestock from winter weather.

My friends came to my house in the morning, my friends told that today we will all go to the river for fishing. Fishing is our great hobby and we love fishing in December and January. The Punjab government gave permission for fishing.

I returned home to get the necessary net, needle for fishing. I told my family that I was going fishing with my friend by the river. All of us friends went to the river and the sun was very bright but there were few clouds in the sky...

All of us friends put a net in the river and we all also threw a fishing needle into the river to catch fish. We caught a lot of fish. It was a very happy day as we caught a large amount of fish and all of us friends returned home before evening. By the time we returned home, it was already 4 pm.

We all gathered at the house of friend Ali Khan, Ali Khan is our friend. Ali Khan is also very expert in fishing. He was our guide on the fishing trip today. Ali Khan decided that first we should divide the fish equally among all the friends and give 20% more to those friends who bring nets, needles and other equipment for fishing. We divided all the fish equally among the friends.

I came home after fishing. My mother and wife were very happy when they saw the fish. My wife cleaned the fish and cooked it in the evening. All my family enjoyed the fish very much. The fish meat was very tasty. I gave some fish to my uncle's house. I gave some fish to my aunt. My uncle and aunt were very happy. I love to fish. You all saw my post and thank you all so much.