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RULESET: Rise of the Commons

The Battle.

The ruleset for this battle was:

Melee Mayhem.
Up close and personal.
Rise of the commons.

51 Mana.

Link to the battle:

Starting line-up

With this ruleset the options are very limited. I could only go with common monsters of the melee variety. Luckily melee can also attack from anywhere so I could pick form my full deck and not just sneak monsters.

The first name on the list is shield bearer for his taunt ability which puts the match on my terms. He also has a large shield and the shield ability which is great for a battle like this. Arkemis the bear is also a very interesting card for the line up for it's halving ability. This should take the sting out of their attack combined demoralize and make it very difficult to kill my shieldbearer.

Then silvershield assassin to do some damage around the back and cave slug to target any weaknesses. Makes for a strong line up.

First kill..

First kill came right at the start of the second round. I took the sting out of their attack as listed above and they tried to do the same to me. It was somewhat successful but the poison from my assassin did the damage and their last monster only had one health making it a target for poison monsters. A poor mistake in a melee only battle.

Their tank followed swiftly after this kill which put the battle firmly in my favor as they had lost two monsters to none which is hard to recover from.

Round three.

At the start of round three my shieldbearer hit the dirt but i had managed to poison their next rearguard monster as well which was adding attack power to the team.

By the end of the round they were down to the last two monsters while my team had four left and going strong. It is only a matter of time to get the win and not too much longer either. My assassin will poison the next monster in line and arkemis will half their attack making it hard to do much form here.

Finishing line-up.

It lasted until early in round five but the match was never in doubt form round one. My monsters had a wide range of abilities and poison is vital in a melee only battle. Especially in one with only common monsters, there are limited attack options available. You know that people are going to try and sneak in the game and try to poison. I'm just surprised not to see any thorns.

Either way a good win and onto the next battle.

Try for yourself.

If you haven't played the game before then now is the best time to join. Today is much better than tomorrow and a lot better than later.

Link to the game here,



I like your use of cave slugs and then Arkemis at the very end, clever strategy. The silvershield assassin with double strike in there too, very cool lineup. Well played!

Great fight, nice watching Retaliate being exchanged amongst the cards. Silvershield Assassin remains one of my favorite sneak monsters, it is deadleir with the poison ability which I still have to upgrade mine.

Silvershield assassin did not come to play in this match. This game was worn from the back line. How bad can a card be double strike and poison what a classic card it is. Beautiful battle even the opponent come prepared, however the best team walked away victoriously.

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