Positive and negative thoughts

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There is only one positive thought in the world that motivates man to move forward, to do something. Man can make his place in this world only with positive thinking. Positive thinking produces positive rays inside a person. And positive rays know what happens. When a person does good deeds and creates conveniences for people, he should stop greedy for revenge. A positive person never loses his temper. He looks at the reward rather than thinking about the current difficulties and circumstances. That which is the fruit of patience. No experience is a bad experience for a person who thinks positively about it because he believes that all the events in life are meant to teach him something. They have something for it

Man is a great creature, he has a lot of power, he has to handle the world and it is a pity that he cannot handle himself. If we want to have happiness and success in life, we have to have a positive attitude

If we want to have a positive attitude, we must first take control of our mood. Instead of being distracted by people's criticism and thinking negatively, we must learn to ignore their criticism with dignity. We need to stop worrying about how bad things can do to us. Instead, focus on how well we can spread the word in the world. May GOD grant ease to all and grant them the privilege of sharing and may GOD grant us all the ability to adopt a positive attitude. Amen.

But a person with a negative mindset always thinks about how bad, bad things can happen to him. We often get frustrated thinking about things that never happened. Negative thinking paralyzes a person. Inhibits human growth. And man goes on failing


Positive thinking strengthens a person. And negative thinking makes a person weak and timid. All the energies inside a person are consumed like a mouse. But positive thinking forces a person to move forward and do something. It does not allow man to surrender to circumstances. Positive thinkers are optimistic even when nothing is happening. They have a habit of giving thanks. But the land of negative thinking, man is always surrounded by despair and always seems to be embracing and complaining.