5 Ways To Start Homesteading From Anywhere

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My homesteading journey started while living in the city where I sourced local food and built garden boxes in my small backyard. Two years later I moved out of the city into the country and have been expanding my homesteading journey.

I encourage others to start where they are and see where the journey takes them. If you are interested in building a food storage but don’t know where to start, check out my food storage downloadable here. And if you want to learn how to raise chickens, check out my chicken starter bundle here.

Here are Five things you can do to start homesteading yourself

1) Backyard chickens

Chickens produce fresh eggs, are enjoyable to watch and one of the lowest maintenance animals to take care of on the homestead.

2) Gardening

You can garden from anywhere! Your window, vertical planters, small garden boxes or tilling ground.

3) Source local meat

If you can’t raise your own meat I’m sure there is a local farm near you which you can support and buy from. No more long drives to the grocery store for aged poor quality meat.

4) Sourdough starter

This one is a MUST it’s the first thing I did when I started getting into homesteading and self sufficiency. Great for all kinds of breads. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

5) Food Storage

If you didn’t know by now I’m big on helping people create and build their own food storage. Don’t let people think you’re silly for doing it. Having this food storage will help with whatever life throws your way. Emergency preparedness, cost savings, reduced waste and if you should lose a job or need to help a family member in need you have extra which leaves one less big stress in your life.

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So many reasons to become self sufficient! I wish chickens were legal to have in yards in our town. I know people who have them and are left alone but I would wager Ebenezer the grump next door would call the authorities on us.

I get to follow along with your adventure and learn with you til I can!

Sourdough bread is awesome :3