Homemade bread with few ingredients

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We all love a hot bread, one of those that give that aroma at home, and we say ummm what delicious freshly baked bread! With this recipe you will make your bread at home without being an expert.

It's been a while since I made bread for dinner and that afternoon without many ingredients I was able to make these breads and they were super soft and with a good flavor and smell, with this amount I got 4 large loaves and one small.

560 grams of all-purpose wheat flour.
5 grams of dry yeast.
20 grams of sugar.
314 grams of water.
30 grams of butter.
Salt to taste.

Step 1

The first thing I do is warm the water and place the grams of yeast, I bought this envelope of the maxipan brand that has been of good quality.

Step 2
Then I put the liquid in a bowl, began to add the rest of the ingredients, the flour little by little while I see how much the initial mixture asks me.

Step 3
I'm kneading little by little, the idea is that the dough comes loose from the container and forms a soft ball that doesn't stick to anything.

Step 4

When it is completely detached from the container and does not stick to our hands, it is time to transfer it to a counter and then knead for approximately 10 minutes.

I divide the portions of dough, the ideal is to weigh each ball at the same time but I wanted to get an additional small bun. We flatten each ball with the help of a rolling pin or bottle and then roll them up.

We grease a tray and we are placing our armed dough rolls there.

This dough will not have a second rise, so we are only going to rise once with the assembled loaves and then bake. When you are going to bake them you can make some cuts in the bread so that they look like this.

Ready my breads to enjoy this delight of homemade breads.


Homemade bread is always been the best! This one looks good 😋😋😌

Thank you very much

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