Draw winner / Giveaway 10 DEC

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Last giveaway participants for 10 DEC:
@skgcrypto @bitandi @waynechuasy @emeraldtiger @ebastion @daethical @sparkyontherum

Winner for 10 DEC:

To jump in giveaway say in comments yours hive username, and someone will win 10 DEC.

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Count me in

IGN @olaf.gui

Thanks for the chance!


Congrats to the winner. Count me in please! @esbat

Please count me in @arc-echo 😄

Count me in ^^ @subidu


Bruce Lee was fast.
But not as fast as his brother Sudden Lee.

Credit: manuvert
@metronet, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of holovision



Count me in please!
My username is @ebastion
Good luck everyone! 😁

Count me in

Count me in please @sparkyontherum

Please count me in !