22-04-2024 - Mistan - When you're gone (V02) [EN]-[IT]


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~~~ La versione in italiano inizia subito dopo la versione in inglese ~~~

When you're gone - Description of the song

Track details
Song by Mistan
Songwriter: Stefano Massari
Song written in 2019
Released: 2024
BPM: 108
key: A min
Audius link: https://audius.co/stem73/when-youre-gone-v02

In this spring of 2024 I was intending to make version 02 of When you're gone and here it is.
I re-sang the entire chorus made up of 5 vocal tracks, then I started adding a very small vocal part in which I put the AM Radio effect. I also reported this idea in the introduction.
I re-recorded the vocals to update them vocally, but also to update them in recording quality.
The new voices were recorded with a sampling frequency of 44,100 kHz and a resolution of 32 Bit

The song is written on the C major scale


Tempo and chords
The tempo is 108 BPM while the chords are: Am, F, C, Em


Guitar chords
Below I show where the chords are played on the acoustic guitar.


LYRICSv(by Stefano Massari)

When you're gone, will I lose control?
Oh will I?

You're the one, You're the only road I know
You're the one

Musical instruments used for recording
Paul Reed Smith (PRS) electric guitar

Tobias Electric Bass T

KAT electronic drum kit

Yamaha keyboard

Today I released version 02 of When you're gone, below is the link to the song.

Thank you for reading and listening



The link isn’t opening and not available in my country
I feel sad

You made me scared. I thought the link was wrong. I tried again and the link I included in the article works. It is probably not openable from Nigeria. Thanks for stopping by !PIZZA

Ho aperto il link, sembra nostalgico ma mi piace, mi piace anche il suono della chitarra elettrica in abbinamento agli altri strumenti, è come una campana che ti ricorda che sta succedendo qualcosa, in questa occasione non ho mosso il mio piedi, ma la mia mente era sveglia su quello che stavo ascoltando, la tua voce è molto piacevole, già mi mancavano i tuoi strumenti

Grazie LU per il tuo commento preciso. Dopo questo tuo commento sto proprio pensando di fare altri brani musicali dove la chitarra elettrica appare proprio prima del ritornello come in questo brano.

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Oh man you were really able to put up something amazing over there. I actually enjoyed listening to the recording. It looks like the beat is louder than the voice