Chilling in Portugal

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I've been quiet for the past few days on hive but we are at our second wedding in the past week. This one is in Portugal so it's been keeping me offline for the while. Happy to get the break from everything and take in some beers and some sun instead.

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Chilling in the sun with some cold beers is always a good combination. It's also a good idea to take some time off Hive to reflect or get things done in the offline world. I hope it was fun at the wedding.

Portugal is awesome! We were there in January and I already want to go again! 😃

Have a great weekend!

Portugal a great place
Have a nice day

Haha! It is a good thing to take breaks and do the things that will refresh your brain, I guess Portugal is treating you well

Going offline and experiencing what nature has to offer can be a good and neccesary break to take. Portugal looks really sunny :)