The "Hidden" wonders of Ireland.

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Nothing like a walk through the forest. You never know what you might stumble upon while ambling through the old forests of Ireland and see what mysteries unfold.

In this case we stumbled upon a small fairy village hidden right into the depths of an ancient forest in the West of the country. Nobody was home when we knocked but they are more often seen at night when the human folk are asleep in their beds.

It was a birght and sunny day but we enjoyed a little fresh air and nature for ourselves.

It's good for the head and the heart.

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Nothing like a walk through the forest.

Nothing beats mother nature =D

we have kids and love getting out and about.
It's a great way to pass the mornings.

The greenery of Nature in Ireland is filled with amazing wonders, so much to explore and contemplate about in these forests.

This is very beautiful. It's a wonderful experience that you come across such a thing in the forest, and I also love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

If ye like looking for little people, ye should check out Kilflynn Enchanted Fairy Festival during the summer. It’s a few miles outside Tralee, and the whole village gets involved in creating the sweetest little event you’ll ever see.

Never heard of it before but i'll check it out online and see what it's like.

Awww, what an exciting place! This forest is indeed enchanting. I wonder the ones who would open the door when you knock at it? Have safe travels my dear friend and best regards.

Honestly walking around or through the forest is quiet interesting, I remember those days in the village when I always go to the forest, I always see some sort of clean water in the branch of a tree and that water is very good to the health.
Very soon am traveling and I will visit the forest.

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