Everyone is right in a bull market

in LeoFinance16 days ago

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There are so many self-acclaimed crypto analyst on the internet and some of them brag so much about how they can always predict accurately on what Will happen to a particular coin at the market at any moment...

That does not change the fact that there are some analysts who are really good at making cool analysis of the market and their predictions are often correct , though the number of genuine analysts are very few compared to the numbers of analysts who are just noise-makers that brag about how well they think they know the market..

Now if you look around you , you would notice that ever since the bear market started heavily , many of these so called expert analyst are no where to be found anymore..

The reality is that , the market is always easy to predict when there is a general bullish trend on the crypto market , and during that bullish period , some of the analyst take advantage of that and they will tell you how bitcoin will keep rising , and if it rises , you will see some of their followers who will be praising for their supposed predictions..

They already see the general trend of the market , and so it will be perfectly normal to make the predictions according to the present direction of the market..

So during a bull market, it is always easy for us to predict the next higher price or what will be the next ATH , but during the bear market , it is always difficult to know when exactly the bearish market will end , or how low will the market go..