Making money via car renting

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Having a personal car is comfortable and makes life easier, but it is also quite expensive. Owning a car is the second largest monthly expense after housing. But it does not have to be this way. Instead, your car can become a source of income. Have you ever thought of putting your car to earn money?

Here are reasons why you should start renting your vehicle:

Save money on monthly expenses
Owning a personal car means monthly expenses, including gas, parking, insurance, and service. These expenses can be reduced or even fully recovered when you rent your car. For example, if you go to work in the city center, you will probably have to pay for parking. These hours you spend parking every day could earn you money.

Earn extra income
In addition to covering your monthly expenses, renting your car out can bring you extra income. On average, a car owner in Turo earns around $500 per month, which is a good addition to the regular salary. With this extra income, you can get closer to your dreams, whether it's a trip south, a summer home, or a new vehicle.

Your car is not used 90% of the time
Statistics show that an average car owner uses their car for only 2 hours a day. For the rest of the 22 hours, the car is idle. This equates to 27 full days of unused time in a month. It would be practical and profitable to rent your car on a secure platform when you don't need it yourself.

Save the environment and the urban landscape
The number of cars in cities is increasing and it becomes a more serious problem every day. The more cars there are, the bigger the traffic jams, the more polluted the air, and the fewer parking spaces. By sharing a car, you contribute to smoother traffic and cleaner air and also leave more room for other road users. In addition, you help people who do not have a personal car for their daily errands.

you meet new people
The collaborative economy is gaining more and more popularity. In no time, everyone can find a perfect rental car around the corner in their neighborhood. This means that you, as a car owner, have the opportunity to meet many close people. Who knows, maybe some of the neighbors will even become your good friends.

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