Am I old fashioned or has the world gone crazy???

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Maybe it's just me getting old and turning into a grumpy old man. In my mid thirties but i just can't get on board with all of the nonsense floating around these days.

I'm never going to be politically correct and can't wait until i'm old enough to get away with it properly. Sitting on the bus with my kids talking about the days there were only two genders not 27 and mortifying my kids.

It's hard not to say something when you see people starting to identify as donkeys and are expected to pat their head and feed them a carrot. It's just not going to work for me.

I grew up in an era where we called it as we saw it and if somebody is acting like a donkey then we tell them.

There is a great bit from the comedian Steve Hughes about being offended.

Quality is shit but the content is gold.

I think that people have gotten so soft and afraid of controversy that we are entering a verry dangerous time in the world.

The fact that speech is being limited to mind people's feelings is a bad precedent to set and the fact that most of these new laws are only going to suit the minority is not a good way to run any country.

We have a new bill being introduced in Ireland at the moment titled the hate speech bill which is very unnecessary and very ambiguous.


1. Definitions of 'hate' or ‘hatred’ not provided
Despite the title, "hate" or "hatred" is not defined in the new Bill. That is something which has been flagged as a concern by people from across the political spectrum.

2. Some people have concerns it will restrict free speech
The broader debate has centered on how the Bill might restrict freedom of expression. It has drawn international attention across the political spectrum

3. Many EU countries have some hate speech legislation
"We're the last to legislate this area, and without it, we're the laggards of Europe,"

4. Concerns about possession of certain material and impact on privacy rights.
Section 10 of the Bill relates to preparing or possessing material likely to incite violence or hatred against people on account of their protected characteristics.

5. The views of the public and process of public consultations
The legislation is supported by many organisations working with minorities in the country.
Others reject the need for it in the first place.

For me it's madness.
The definition of hate speech can vary massively from group to group and a blanket ban is not the way to go. More than that it's downright dangerous.

Just look at the restrictions being placed around the Israel attacks on Palestine. Any effort to call out Israel or support Palestine are being silenced very fast.

All because they are buddy buddy with the EU and the States.

The same voices that were shouting out about big evil Russia have nothing to say about similar issues when they are being carried out by an ally.

Even FIFA are getting involved as the world turns out to protest. They are stifling any attempt to support palestine at matches or where it can be seen on tv. The same organization that was all about supporting Ukraine publicly has the opposite stance now.

Celtic will face fines for this display but their fans should have the right to speak out on their own terms.


This is what you get when you tell their fans to shut up and sit down.

It's the way that it should be.

If you want to pretend that your a donkey go ahead and eat some hay but don't expect me to pat you on the head and feed you a carrot.

I'm going to live my life, my way.

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I think what I find somewhat maddening as an American is the false binary between two bad choices. I can feel empathy for the Palestinians without supporting Hamas. I also am very aware of the instability we have created around the globe. War is a science here, and the American Military is (or was) quite good at it (I was a soldier as a young man).

Hamas are an organization and not the same as the palestinian people. The only reason that i can think that they are being called one and the same is for propaganda to make this mass murder acceptable.

In this day and age there is no excuse for carpet bombing innocent people and that is not excusing the atrocities that hamas have commited themselves.

Stupid really as they opened up the floodgates with their first attack and gave isreal all the excuse they have been looking for to open the floodgates and destroy the palestinian people.

Imo Everything has gone wrong ever since 27 more genders became a thing, I have seen how it was like in 2010 and after that to now... things has gone downhill.

Steve is pure Gold, stand-up comedy couldn't get more better than this especially on this topic.

"Being offended is subjective"

People do really get offended on every little thing, soft.

How come a bill can even get passed for restricting freedom of expression and such?

This is madness indeed, truth is people are now scared of expressing what they really want to say.

It's that fear of getting censored, what other people will say and now this forcedly restricting people.. they should leave people on their own.

And downhill fast.
Just in the past three years all common sense has gone out the window.
Now we might have taken it a bit too far when we were younger but there is a happy medium between that and what we have now.

It's just madness.

True, it's happening way to fast now and they're pushing those wokeness outta anything not even leaving cartoons etc.

Madness indeed, Glad there are people who are worried about it otherwise people are afraid to talk about this cuz of the fear of getting cancelled.

The world has really come to a point whereby evolution takes place at a faster pace daily. We keep encountering what we are not familiar with and it seems the world is turning around quickly than we expect