Another month. Another opportunity to grow.

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The first of every month is a great reset button.

  • 4 1/2 weeks.
  • 31 days.
  • 744 Hours.
  • 44,640 minutes.

What ever way that you want to look at it but there is a lot of time there to achieve your goals.

That can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

You can have a lot of goals in life to cover all the different areas of it. I have life goals, sports goals, crypto goals and measure then by different means.

I like to read a lot of books and autobiographies always interest me. Especially across sport and business sectors.

The common factor in all of their successes is their determination. The motivation that they have to turn up every day and grind it out for every inch.

Goals need to be smart but achievable.
Or SMART goals as they are known.

Ref: Crewhu

Often we set these huge goals that are akin to climbing Everest.

I could say that the big goal is to become a Hive whale. And maybe someday I will but at 70K Hive power that's not anywhere in the near future for me. It's not smart, achievable and it's so out of reach that it's easy to become disillusioned as I power up 10 Hive at a time.

To some people powering up 10 Hive per day would be an achievement and has even been a goal in the distant past.

But goals are far easier achieved broken down into smaller segments.

They are more manageable and seem within reach if you break down a long term plan by year, month, week or day.

Instead of 500K Hive power at some stage in the future, it's to reach 100K this year. Then next year to reach 150K.

Hitting each target year on year and the end goal will be in reach sooner rather than later.

I still need 30K for the rest of this year to hit my main short term goal.

Instead of worrying about how far the end result is. I can just focus on the now instead and keep chipping away at it.


  • 5K per month.
  • 166 per day.
  • 7 Hive per hour.

Seems like a long long way away right now but that is the challenge.

It's probably a step too far after selling some Hive to hit my 100K LEO goal but I won't know until the year plays out.

The best thing that I can do is to show up every day. Write, engage, grind towards the end goal and keep chipping it down every single day.


Over the years, I have seen thousands of users come and go in my crypto circles but only a few have that determination. Those few have now grown into a position where they can make a difference to their lives.

It was easy to leave and give up at any stage along the way but they didn't do it?

They saw something that the others couldn't.

They believed in something that didn't exist yet.

They showed up every day, even when it wasn't fun to do it.

This will be the measure of their success in the future.

I only hope that I can do the same and be part of that elite group.

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Just a matter of time before it gets crowded here again.
Looks like launch time.

This is a big motivation for me. I have been unable to post or engage like I used to and a friend told me it's common among hiver.

Reading this kind of shows me I can surely achieve what I set my mind to. That's if I don't use the 44k minutes in a month to sit and watch others show up and do what is necessary without thinking about how little they know about writing, blogging or how hard the crypto space can be.

I don't mind working toward being a part of those elites in the future too.

I guess it boils down to never giving in to laziness which currently plaques my mind.

Great post

Great motivational post!
I'm doing my SMART goals and I did fail on creating them in the past... I was shooting for some unrealistic goals, and when I failed to reach them, I was demotivated af!
Never again! Slow growth, achievable goals, and building... every... single... day...