Budget day in Ireland.

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It's funny how much more attention that you pay to these things as you get older. When I was 25 I wouldn't even had known that the yearly budget was happening. Now I could see it coming from days out.

Watching news and paying attention to old people stuff.

It will happen to you too at some stage. I even find it interesting now. Must be getting old.

Even better is that since the country is doing well at the moment we are gaining some money back for a change. Not that it will match inflation but better than getting a kick up the arse like the past few years.

Being in the middle is a shit place to be. If your rich you avoid a lot of the taxes. If your poor then you get a lot of freebies. But if you happen to work hard and earn a reasonable wage then beware. They will fuck you to pay for the other two brackets.

This time wasn't too bad though. We got a bit back in taxes and some energy credits to make up for the crazy power prices. They even went down a little this year too.

Other than that it didn't hit me too much.

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The biggest downsides are the hike in cigarette prices, ( €18 a pack now) and the governments continued push on carbon taxes. These are all well and good but until we have any decent alternatives then it is just a money grab. The cost of Diesel is getting severe and i can see it draining out of the car when i drive to work.

Any higher and it won't be worth travelling to work anymore. Just stay at home and take all the freebies.

I will give the government some credit though. The have actually done something useful for once and planned for the future.

They have set up a future proofing fund that will be paid into every year from the budget. Build a bankroll and put it earning a return.

In time this will generate returns which can be used to fund projects when the economy has a downturn without affecting the capitol and not having to cut funding during tougher times.

At the moment we have a lot of money coming in from large multinationals but if that changes we will need a safety net. Something that i have said for years but they have actually done for once.

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I think the same away.
I never listen anything about early budget but now I am always see and checking What will happen

Comes with old age. Or at least older age.

What the government should be thinking about daily is strategy ideas on how to boost the financial state of the country thereby increasing the standard of living

Looks like you're in for a inflation-free future in Ireland. Or at least it won't be the same compared to the rest of the world.

We have had a lot of inflation over the past year but hoping that it slows down now.

I think I'm almost getting into that stage, watching the news and paying attention is gradually getting a hold of my time. The middle class always carry much of the weight when it comes to taxes.

It's heartening to hear that the government is taking future-proofing measures seriously with the introduction of the fund. However, the continuous push on carbon taxes without viable alternatives is indeed concerning.

Here's hoping for a more balanced approach in the coming years @niallon11