Can Inleo time the markets just right??

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It's going to be a close call.

The new branding is done.
The app is running fairly well.
The markets seem to be turning around.

Socialfi is going to be a big trend.
Tokens are going to pump.
New users are going to chase the rainbow.

There will be winners and there will be losers.

Can LEO be one of the winners.

There is an old saying about "Better lucky than good."

We've seen it lots of times in the past few bull runs where stupid tokens took off for various reasons. Elon tweeting about Doge. Pepe hitting the meme trend at just the right time.

Timing is often just as important as the product.

With the ad revenue contracts set to go live and what we can presume is a nice build up of funds since the ads went live a long, long time ago.

It could be a very good time to have a token going up in price very fast.

You can say whatever you want about crypto and the cool product that the LEO team have built but noting attracts more attention from the wider community than a token pumping.

It they see a token go 3x in a short period of time then the interest will be there to know more about it and why it's going up.

If they learn that it can be earned for free just by joining the Inleo site and being active then it should bring a lot of new users to the hive blockchain.

If the product is good enough then they will stay regardless of the other factors as it's easy to get hooked into an app and a community if it's a good place to be.

More users means more ad revenue. Higher token price and overall a positive impact on the whole eco-system. We saw how it happened for splinterlands in the last bull market when the end of untamed packs fell right when gamefi was at it's peak and the rising card values brought a lot of new players and new funds.

When shit went down, they were ready for it. Granted they had to scramble a little bit to keep up with demand but they did it admirably.

Their biggest mistake was thinking that the bull run would last forever and spending too much of their funds in the wrong places.

It wasn't sustainable and they are feeling the impact of it now.

Hopefully LEO have learned form their example both the good and bad side of things in their growth and have planned accordingly.

We all know what is here on Hive but timing is everything for it to be successful.
I've seen great ideas built on hive years before their time and never making it big for different reasons. Ten copies doing very well years later when the world was ready for them.

The bull market is coming at some stage so I'm hoping that LEO is ready for it and can ride that wave.

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The pumping phase of LEO was long time ago! Do you think those ad revenues can make any difference? Just hopium. Without a functioning feed algorhitm it is impossible to retain some occasional visitors, as the quality in the threads is still not good and people are using the tags not properly. Imagine the top trending tag of X would be X - ridiculous.

I definitely think that ad revenues will affect token price.

LEO are implementing the features that i've been begging other apps to install for years.

Mainly lite accounts and ad revenue.

We had a little pump on the hype of the zealy campaign but ad revenue is constant and long term buying pressure on the token.

The fact that it will be used to buy leo and distribute it back to existing token holders means that over time diamond hands will accumulate more tokens and less sell pressure combined with more buying pressure means price will go up over time.

If $5 LEO can't attract new users then we never will.

Let the games begin.

Imagine the top trending tag of X would be X - ridiculous.

Shit like this will fade out over time with a larger userbase. For now it's all hive and leo maxis but newer users will talk bitcoin, sports, sex. Whatever they want.

Of course it's a long shot that we see massive growth and increased prices but if you never try then you will have no chance. Every success starts somewhere. I think that the algo is improving and over time will get even better with time and dev hours.

I dont know if it would be a similar case because as you mention people have to stay active blogging or microblogging, I have to say there are days when Im so bussy or frustrated that I have no time to even microblog, if you are not focus on been active daily with those hard days the hype start to fade out so its not an easy task to keep those users active, what Inleo does great is the easy access to the platform I hope other front ends adopt the same features to on board users easily, if the bull market is starting now I think the rebrand time was perfect, hope them the best, we all on the same boat

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My conviction about Leo is so strong that it will be part of the winners. Definitely, looking at what is taking place in Leo community and what is about to take place ahead also. Definitely it's going to be among the winner. Time will tell though