$CRO my sleeper crypto.

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Coins you can get for free.

The best type of coins. Fair enough i put in a lot of time into hive to get those free tokens but over time it gets easier and faster to watch them stack up.

$CRO is another one that has been stacking up over the past year.

What is CRO?

CRO coin is the token for the Crypto.com platform. It has 3 main functionalities, trading, payment, and financial services. CRO coin holders will be able to enjoy benefits such as discounted fees, higher earnings for lending, and priority services. Card holders having CRO will also be entitled to additional perks such as airport lounge and rewards. It also has its own blockchain where it acts as a cross-asset intermediary settlement layer using CRO.
Ref: Coingecko.

It's one that i've been stacking for years and have been using their crytpo debit card for years. I've written about it lots of times in the past and honestly think it's still the best thing in crypto.

A quick and easy way to use crypto in real life.

It used to be a lot better in the early days with extra perks and higher rewards but even now it's nice to get $CRO back on purchases and stack without effort.

In the early days there used to be 4% in crypto back and no limits where as now it's 2% back and a $50 cap per month.

There was also reimbursement for Netflix and spotify in $CRO which i had anyway and was an easy way to add another $25 a month in $CRO for free by paying through my cro card.

It paid off nicely during the last bull run since i had been using my card the whole way though and had been getting paid out in $CRO rewards at a 0.05c price which ran up to 95c at the height of the boom.

The same as any other crypto, 1 CRO is 1 CRO but that's worth a lot more when they are giving you a dollar amount as a payout. Then when the price goes 20x those rewards are suddenly very valuable.

I still use my card every week and have been staking the $CRO throughout the bear run but there are no refunds on my neflix anymore so it hasn't been stacking as fast.

Still, it's another stack with thousands of tokens building up nicely. Waiting to see if it can get near $1 again and take another nice profit.

All of these micro payments add up over the year and if you can time the markets right can pay off very handsomely. I was very happy with my last CRO cash out and can only hope that we see the same again.

Until then i will let the stack keep building. Stake what i earn and if the price is right, sell the fuck out of it and cash out.

It's never going to be worth $100 and it's not a crypto that i care about so there is only one thing for it.

Try to hit the top and make some money.

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Thank you so much for this knowledge. I will need to start working on getting free coin

I had invested on this during the initial days and have been holding CRO since then. Unfortunately the card is not available for us in India. I thought it would happen some day but it hasn't happened yet. I don't think it will be available in the future too. But yeah as you said, when the market is good and the price of CRO is good, I'm going to just sell it. No point in holding them forever.

I invested in the project in 2021 and still holding CRO coins. This exchange is aggressive ins marketing and I expect the price for CRO can go around 1$ in the next bul run cycle. What are your thoughts?