Dark assassins guild is recruiting.

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Disclaimer: Looking for competitive players. You don't have to be champion level but a regular player with a balanced deck at any level. People that want to be active and take part in brawls.

Guilds are going to be very important in the game going forward.

It might not seem this way with all of the other projects happening in the eco-system but brawls are still coming in the near future.

From the Splinterlands town hall last month here,


  • Team is currently working on SPS rewards for Brawls
  • Backend code is complete, remaining focus is on the UI elements
  • SPS Brawl rewards will be given out as Staked SPS, not liquid (like Ranked rewards)
  • There will be a fixed amount of SPS available for each Brawl Tier
  • There will be a total of 2.5M SPS/month
  • This amount will be split out between the five tiers
  • On average, there are about 6 brawl cycles per month
  • Empty tiers will not have any SPS rewarded
    -Currently Tiers 4 & 5 have zero guilds participating in them.

People were paying $2,000 for a validator node this this week when the simpler and cheaper solution is to get into a competitive guild and win $SPSP every week.

We are not there yet but they were aiming for September so it should be in the near future.

Dark assassins guild.

We have just upgraded our guild hall to level 8 and can now fit 25 members so we are looking for fun, friendly and active splinterlands players to fill out our ranks and take part in brawls.

We are growing the guild steadily over time with a solid group of active members.

  • Guild hall level 8.
  • Lodge level 7. 9% RP bonus.
  • Arena level 3.
  • Barracks soon level 4.
  • Store level 4. 60% merit bonus.

Dark Assassins Guild.



All that we ask for as part of our guild is a contribution of 1000 DEC per month to keep growing the buildings and keep building our strength.

Other than that it's a good attitude and time to participate in brawls.

Nothing crazy here at all.

The guilds are quiet at the moment but one user mad e a good point to me earlier this week. There are always going to be the top few guilds flush with funds that dominate the game but there is plenty space for tighter guilds with less funds.

When things get competitive would you rather be with a cut throat guild that will cut you at first notice or a smaller guild built together with effort and loyalty?

When $SPS rewards go live in the next couple of months we will see everybody playing the game trying to get into a good guild for the rewards so getting in now and being part of a solid team should be a great call.

Now is the best time to find your space and get ready for a new age of brawling.

Hope to see some new faces soon.

Try for yourself.

If you haven't played the game before then now is the best time to join. Today is much better than tomorrow and a lot better than later.

Cards worth a few cents now will have a much higher value in the future as the print runs out. We have a strong community and seen this happen every time as it grows with the game.

Link to the game here,


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Signed up a few weeks ago but have not, alas, been able to commit to get going... but it's on the cards. Pun intended.

Must say I really loved the look and feel in there and... well... I have a lot to learn.

I just came to find you because I was looking at my contacts to see who to say hello to and your bio makes me smile every time I read it :)

You write well. 👏

Hi. I am very interested, can I join your guild ? IGN: @kraaaaa

I have sent you an invite to join our guild there.

All we look for is a small monthly contribution of 1000 DEC which you'll make back most of with the bonuses from joining a good guild.
You can start earning merits from the brawls and soon there will be SPS for winning too.

Hope to see you join up with us soon. We have a good group in our team right now.

The main reason why I have not joined is because I don't really know how it was work totally and how to truly participate in guild

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Hi @dwayne16 . I was in that situation as well but this guild guides you through it. Its great .you should join us.

There is only one way to learn about all of it then.
Join up with us. Start battling and we'll help you to figure out the rest.
All we look for is a small monthly contribution of 1000DEC which you'll make back most of with the bonuses from joining a good guild.
You can start earning merits from the brawls and soon there will be SPS for winning too.

I've sent an invite if you would like to give it a try.

I have joined already, do you have a discord account for more explanation?

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Great to see it.
You can hop into our discord here and ask anything that you want.


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Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

Proud new member of Dark Assassins here. 😄😊😆