Do you have enough crypto??

in LeoFinancelast month

I've been stacking multiple tokens steadily over the past two years again.

Mainly from my ability to earn on #hive based apps but also dollar costing into a few other promising tokens with fiat.

As the narrative slowly turns positive around crypto and with multiple bitcoin etf's just around the corner.

Does anybody else get the feeling that is nowhere near enough???

I wish that I had time to stack even more before the markets pump.

After two years of constant battles against the SEC and multiple false starts it looks like market sentiment is turning around.

There is no way to know for sure what will happen next but experience says that the market is slowly getting ready for a solid increase in price over a short period of time.

Other people will study the charts and look at the exchanges and still can't tell you for sure but looking at the trendline for bitcoin over the past year is show a nice recovery after a lot of setbacks.

Personally I don't want it to shoot up in a single big pump again as it leads to extreme riches and then extreme volitility. Unsustainable pumps. Like a straight shot form 30 to 100k which could very easily happen.

Slow and steady gains always hold better. People who build wealth slowly value it more and on top of that it doesn't incite the same level of fomo that causes such a big crash on the way back down.

Fear can switch to greed and that can jump back to fear just as fast when the markets take a down turn.

Easy come, easy go.

I'm sure that we will see another group of alts make historic and unsustainable gains as people throw money at the markets in the hope of making it stick.

While you can hit it lucky and make a lot of money doing this a lot of people have to lose money to make it happen.

I would rather pick my few main projects that have some sustainability and keep stacking them for smaller gains but with less risk of failure.

As always that is going to be mainly Hive, LEO, Bitcoin, Matic and a few others.

If only I had more time and money to really fill some bags.

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I still feel I dont have enough but I spend the last two years building a business that now gives me the liquidity to buy crypto without having to worry if I need that money to pay bills, it took me some time and a lot of patience so I guess I will have to go through the same to stack more crypto, will take me some time, feeling the same as you

It's great that you have some extra money to invest now.
Done right you can start stacking very quickly and there is still time to get ahead of the markets.
Congrats on the business.

If only we had some more time! Doing the same here. Just averaging and earning on hive and gaming and seeing what that will bring in the future!

The scarcity mindset is tough to shake. We always want more.

My crypto holdings are mostly ₿itcoin and Hive with a soupçon of others (mostly H-E).

IF the big bull run of 2024-25 happens, what I have should be enough. 🤞

I'm pretty happy with the amount I've currently got, but stacking some more befode the next run would be great.

I'm delighted with the amount of Hive I have, but I have a goal of hitting 10k by the new year which I think is doable.

I certainly hope that 2024/2025 brings a serious Bull run. I'd love to be able to tarmac my yard and maybe get a new kitchen with Crypto gains!

I have been pretty much just buy five coins and earning on hive.

This is still the right time to accumulate more and more token as possible before we get to the bull run finally