Growing the Hive userbase as a community.

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@Leofinance have set a goal for the year. They want to grow the Hive userbase through their flagship app at Crypto is primed for a social media app to explode and as we all know, the hive community has been working towards this goal for years now. We are ahead of the curve for web3 social media apps and if we ever want to be the crypto hub that we are looking for then it's going to take a large community and witness effort to bring those users to us.

Slowly at first and then faster as the chain grows and we can build momentum. The hardest part of growth is the first few thousand users. After that growth will come more organically if the product is there.

Ref: Investopedia.

We are still in the early adoption phase where nothing is perfect, bugs are rampant and tools haven't been build yet. It takes time and a lot of stubbornness to make it as far as the early majority phase. If we want to become a successful project then the first thing is to build the tools needed for mass adoption. LEO has done a lot of that already. Not all but huge progress has been made this year.

Then we need to bring users to the chain which is the goal for our community this year.

The Goal for September is to bring into Hive 450 new users, make them stick around, and become an active and long term member of our community. For that, we need to onboard thousands of users and work in Hive's retention ratio.
For that, we need to go out, market and promote Hive. Our Marketing campaign will showcase our interface, and will leverage our account creation protocol that allows new users to use their Twitter and Google account to get a Hive account.

That is the September goal. The goal for the next year is to double hive's userbase.

Step one is to get the existing userbase involved in that process to increase our chances of success.

$5000 HBD Zealy campaign.

Earlier this year the LEO team ran a very successful campaign through Zealy at the launch of their new site.

It was competitive, fun and engaging which is exactly what social media should be. Rewards are one aspect but people should be able to engage on hive without being hit with downvotes and that is what we have with threads.

The campaign was a huge success for a first trial and now we are about to go again.

Ref Leo.stats.

The LEO userbase was doubled though the first campaign and really got people motivated to increase their activity.

This next campaign is going to be a warm up for what else is coming this year. A chance to round up the Hive troops and get everybody on board before a later campaign to move the focus outward to the wider social media community.

It's simple and fun to get involved, with more information here. Anybody who took part in the last campaign will be familiar with the format but in essence it's a contest between the community to complete tasks daily, weekly and over the course of the month.

It can be as simple as threading, good morning to designing a new logo for the site. Write a good article on a subject or invite a few more users to join.

Complete the tasks and move up the leaderboard. Get to the top and win the prizes.

The Prize Pool is made of 5,000 HBD and it will be spread among all the Hivers who help us bring in the masses to Hive!

Prizes will be for the top 30% of users which is manageable for anybody willing to turn up every day.

Prize Pool of 5,000 HBD

- The Top 10% of the Active Leaderboard will split 2,500 HBD. - The Top 11-30% of the Active Leaderboard will split 2,500 HBD. |

To join the campaign you can just sign up to zealy here,

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Watching the engagement of the Hive adoption campaign grow signals the reality of the goal set by LeoFinance. Let's see what happens by the end of September.

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