How to become a mob boss works for most careers.

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After a spell of watching a lot of serial killers on netflix we ran out of sadistic shows to binge on. So instead we moved onto something lighter with a new show called, "How to become a mob boss."

The show focuses on a few infamous gangsters from history covering,

  • Al Capone
  • Frank Lucas
  • Whitey Bulger
  • Toto Riina
  • Pablo Escobar
  • John Gotti

Ref: Decider

Obviously not the best examples to follow in life but they were very successful in their fields. The problem being that their fields were murder, prostitution, gambling, extortion, smuggling and whatever else could make them a profit.

I'm definitely not suggesting to take up any of these business opportunities but the traits that these people had would lead you to be successful in any industry that you chose.

The series is set up in chapters and while they are all tied to illegal activities could very well be used for a career day seminar.

  • Find your niche.
  • Unlock your potential.
  • Make yourself indispensable.
  • Outwork everybody else.
  • Study the people above you and learn.
  • Show loyalty.
  • Climb up the ranks to the top.

These are just good core principles for anybody who wants to succeed in life. They are ones that i try to follow for my writing and other online activities.

If i ever want to climb to the top of the ranks here it will take all of these and more.

Working my way up the rankings one person at a time until I am up at the toptable. Or if I want to create a project in the future it will take all of these and a lot of hard work on top.

I've no intention of becoming a mob boss but a Hive boss.


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I love the outwork everybody else part. Task talked about something like that today too which is about getting ourselves out there and getting peoples attention. Looks like Universe is also telling me to become a Hiveboss. Lol

I think this series would be interesting. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the tips and recommendation.

I joined the chain about the same time as taskmaster but he outworked me by a long shot. Posting multiple times a day, every day and commenting more than anybody else around here.

Thats why he has 5x the stake that i do now and rightly so. He outworked me and climbed the ladder faster.

Finding one niche is very key and important because definitely one cannot be all the places. When you find your niche, then you build on it

You're right on that one.
There is too much happening even on hive to cover all areas so pick what you like best and work hard to perfect it.

Very true. That's the important of niche