If it sounds too good to be true. It always is.

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Scams, scams everywhere.

There are no instant riches. There are lotteries but there is no surefire way to get rich quick.

I got a text from a good friend last night asking my opinion on a great opportunity. His girlfriend had read about it somewhere but he wanted a second opinion as it seemed a bit too good, if you know what i mean.

Sounds silly but he did the right thing to get another opinion because even when you should know better. It's still very easy to wonder.

Wonder what if it's true and this could make me lots of money?
What if it works and i can quit my job?
What if i miss the best opportunity of my life?

Sarah Murphy from Gorey, a 22-year-old former McDonald's employee, was fired but managed to earn 54 250€ in just 72 days!

Amazing. However could this model who happened to be working in McDonalds now have a mansion and a $100K car from nothing. Now you can too..!!!

The official website of Quantum Project claims it can generate high profits for any user by executing a unique trading algorithm. This algorithm enables the user to automatically trade Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

Amazing stuff. The trading bot can do what nobody else can and perfectly time the market. And since the creators of this bot have made so much money trading the markets the have now out of the generosity of their hearts decided to let the general public in on their secret too.

In order to start the fully automated process, user needs to deposit an initial amount of 250 €. The algorithm would then automatically choose the perfect time to buy Bitcoin low and sell it high - and vice versa. This way the user profits would always be maximized without any risk. Sarah said that any credit card can be used for the initial deposit.

They even went on national tv to show everybody how it could be done.

Now it's a little strange how the yellow text telling the story is a lot clearer than all of the other text and that the people on set are regular guests but aside form that it all sounds great.

Also the site that my friend was looking at has no security certificate and the comments section looks a bit iffy, so there is that.

I was going to put in all the money and be rich by next month but on second thoughts I'll hold onto it for now and do things the right way.

Build up my stack and keep compounding it.
There is no way to get rich quick online.

Anything that guarantees that is always a scam.
Always DYOR and don't be afraid to ask other people if it does look legit.
Some of them are quite good these days.

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I completely agree.

These days, there are scams everywhere and instant riches don't happen unless you are winning the lottery.

Unfortunately, there are so many scams out there preying on people's hopes and dreams of getting rich quickly.

Your friend did the right thing by seeking a second opinion. Sarah Murphy's earnings in just 72 days is a classic red flag and the profit claims made by Quantum Project and its trading algorithm sound too good to be true.

I don't even want to talk about the lack of a security certificate and the questionable comments section

In the end, building wealth requires patience, discipline, and diligent research (DYOR).

Thank you for sharing

Scams are everywhere no doubt about it. I got one today with an unsolicited call from +353899810812

Something asking the line of "your accounts has been hacked press 1 to speak to an operator"

Of course I hung up straight away. I wonder though would pressing 1 have been enough for the con or would I have been transferred to somebody?

The way these guys make money is by selling the "wonder algo" to the unsuspecting general public. Of course, the wonder algo mostly gives false signals, so they are not making money trading. They are making money by selling a service that doesn't work except occasionally.

You have to be wide awake as so many people are caught out daily as greed tends to change how people think.