It's about building from all sides.

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Splitting my time between twitter on web2 and my usual activity on web3 at the moment.

I don't earn any money from my time spend on twitter unlike the time i spend using @inleo but it's all about playing the long term game. I might be able to monetize the account at some stage in the future but that's not the main goal.

Unless we build our brands on the more established sites then it will be very hard to bring new users to the much better web3 alternatives.

It's one thing to build all of these cool dapps on Hive but unless people can hear about them and see how they work then it will all be for nothing.

I can't even count how many amazing projects that i have seen build on hive over the years that never took off. Not because they weren't brilliant but because they never make it simple to join and marketed their project to a wider audience.

Any off them could have brought in millions of users to the eco-system but they never tried to build the complete package.

The only one that did and successfully was @splinterlands who became the top web3 game in the world during the last bull run. They didn't just build a brilliant app, they made it easy to join and marketed it to different audiences.

Then we hit the bear market and everything dropped off but look at what was happening to it's marketcap before that and the team is still going strong. Not without speedbumps but still fighting hard.

I don't think it would take too much to get that chart moving back up again soon with the next bull run and the release of land.

I haven't sold anything from the game anyway and will be holding all the way to the next bull run.

I've also been building my stack of $LEO as they have been building nicely for the past year and have added most of the features that i've been looking for over the past few years for other hive apps.

No guarantees but i like where this is all heading.

With the markets turning positive again I'm just waiting for a lot of the old faces to turn up again and be able to steer them to inleo. They will get a huge shock in how much things have changes over the past couple of years and if we can continue to grow the userbase we will grow the revenue.

That is the goal and how we all win.

At some stage i would like to fund my own project on Hive and have a few ideas but that's a lot of time and money away from every becoming reality.

Maybe if Hive ever hits $10 and i don't have to work a job anymore. All it takes is one big win to change everything.

With so much building here at the moment i'm very hopeful for the next five years and where we could be.

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I think while it’s best to diversify one’s investment portfolio, it’s also not a bad idea to diversify our online presence. The web 2 social platforms are where we need to focus our attention on right now as they have the user base already and what Hive only need is to tap into the system to onboard the right people in here.

Personally i cant wait to see where the future holds for the next bull run, especially when it comes to inleo, but I’m positive about all that’s happening here on Hive even when we are still riding the lows.

I was talking about some of this with @oldguyphotos today. With crypto maturing comes a little stability and the wenmoon drones leaving because things take time. I would rather take slow growth and organic building as that is how something will last. We are just building out and proving the foundation while a reasonable number adds themselves to the community. Sustainable.

Kudos for meeting people where they are (currently web2 with the masses) with our brand. The market will catch on and we will have the institutions show up when they can understand the progressive world community we are building and simple technology it is built upon.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Never put all your eggs in one basket so stacking across many fronts is always a good idea. Some bets will lose and some will win no matter how much research you do. Splinterlands might very well be primed for some major success here in 2024 as long as that bull market really kicks in around this time frame. The game has a lot going for it once again after such a stagnate 2 years and pretty much NOTHING getting released for all the money they spent which still floors me lol

There was a time I was actually trying to be active on both Twitter and hive but it is just not working properly due to my lack of time management or been choky from my side. So I decided to stick with hive. Probably in the future, one can face stuff like twitter