Playing the twitter game. November 1 - 8.

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This is the fourth week since taking on the challenge of twitter and it's lucky that i have found some extra time this week while my gf is on a trip for work.

Building a following takes time and combined with my leo activity, splinterlands activity and trying to keep up a presense on hive as well as real life.......there is only so much time in the week and all of these need some attention.

But this is playing the long term game that I'm always talking about and it won't happen without building a strong foundation on twitter of followers and content.

Building a brand is the same across all social media.

  • Pick a genre/topic.
  • Create interesting content.
  • Post consistently.
  • Engage with other larger users.
  • Engage with your own followers.
  • Turn up every day.

As part of a wider push by the hive community to grow our community some users are focusing on building a brand externally to funnel users back to our own eco-system and help it to grow.

We are applying this strategy towards Twitter or "X" at the moment to see how much we can grow our accounts and our reach in a space where the majority of crypto users have a presence in the space.

It's been a quiet period on crypto twitter for the past year but this seems like a great time to be getting involved with the markets heating up again and the rush of interest that always follows a bull run.

That's the best time to capitalize on the site and make a name for yourself and therefore for hive.

Twitter stats for the week / month.

Current week / Month:

Previous week / Month.

Slow growth but growth non the less. This is the same as every other social media platform where you have to grind your way up through the levels until you see some exponential growth.

What has worked so far.

  • Tweeting about prices and market conditions.

People love to see positive price movements. Even tweets as simple as this one here tend to gain a lot of engagement with very little effort.

Quick and easy but draws the views.

  • Tweeting with pictures and gifs.

People are more likely to stop and pay attention to a picture or a visual. When your scrolling its very easy to skip past a couple of lines of text but an image will catch your eye.

  • Replying to big accounts.

It's a quick and dirty way to get more impressions fast. Set notifications for a few large accounts in your area and when they post get a reply in fast. This works especially well for small accounts as it's very hard to get your own posts seen. There is a lot more traffic on other larger users feeds.

  • The network effect.

Lastly it's very important t to interact with other users posts. Like, comment, share and build up our presence on crypto twitter.

The more users that push our content then the faster our accounts will grow and hit other peoples feeds. It takes a while to get in front of other users but the grind has to start somewhere.

Follow my account on twitter and join the fun.

Hive Blockchain Content.

My alt account for shilling hive, talking crypto and providing information about our blockchain. Twitter can be a great tool for our eco-system if used correctly. Used to promote our apps, inform other crypto enthusiasts and share our content to new people. Especially as Inleo will be set up to reward evergreen content going forward it will benefit us all as token holders to grow our presence in other areas. This is where the grind begins.

It's actually a lot of fun so far but like anything else in life takes a lot of time and effort to make these gains.

3x was a great result for week one but lets see it it can be done again for next week.

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Building audience on twitter is not always easy though as it requires dedication and strong will. It is not always easy let me put it that way

It's never easy but nothing worthwhile ever is.
But over time it gets easier and easier. Growth is exponential and over time those numbers keep growing.