Playing the twitter game. October 24-31

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We all know that Hive is the place to be for social media and @leofinance is aiming to be the top Dapp in the eco-system.

The good news is that if one Hive app brings in users, the way that the eco-system is set up means that the whole chain benefits from it.

The fact that it's a decentralized eco-system means that the onus is on every one of us to help grow the user base and to make this whole place a success.

A lot of crap projects pay scammy influencers to shill their project and get paid off the hype. At hive we build real projects and will try to build up our own content creators and build the right way as we always aim to do.

Building a brand is the same across all social media.

  • Pick a genre/topic.
  • Create interesting content.
  • Post consistently.
  • Engage with other larger users.
  • Engage with your own followers.
  • Turn up every day.
  • See the account grow over a long period of time.

As part of a wider push by the hive community to grow our community some users are focusing on building a brand externally to funnel users back to our own eco-system and help it to grow.

We are applying this strategy towards Twitter or "X" at the moment to see how much we can grow our accounts and our reach in a space where the majority of crypto users have a presence in the space.

Building from the ground up.

Every week is a chance to grow my twitter account and reach a wider audience. The numbers are going to be very small to start with but just like i grew my Hive account from 25 rep to 74 and stacked a lot of tokens along the way.

I also will try to grow these numbers every week until I hit that magic 5M impressions over three months and monetize the account.

This money would then be used to pay for my premium subscription and to buy more Hive and LEO for my web3 account.

A brilliant way to use web2 sites for the benefit of our entire eco-system.

Twitter stats for the week / month.

Current week:

Previous week:

A small but steady increase on last weeks numbers.

From 8.5K to 19K over the week and a 3x on the monthly numbers for October compared to September and 88 new followers.

Yes these numbers are tiny compared to other accounts but it's still positive growth. That is the first step for any challenge especially one with a long timeline like this project.

My short term goal will be to hit 10k followers organically while increasing all of the other stats at the same time.

At current rates I need to grow my account about 20x to get there. This could take a while but the network effect is real so anybody on Hive should try to follow more Hivers specifically the one called Hive Blockchain Content.

My alt account for shilling hive, talking crypto and providing information about our blockchain. Twitter can be a great tool for our eco-system if used correctly. Used to promote our apps, inform other crypto enthusiasts and share our content to new people. Especially as Inleo will be set up to reward evergreen content going forward it will benefit us all as token holders to grow our presence in other areas. This is where the grind begins.

It's actually a lot of fun so far but like anything else in life takes a lot of time and effort to make these gains.

3x was a great result for week one but lets see it it can be done again for next week.

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Oh I didn't realise you were running this account - very cool. I have been enjoying the account when I discovered it recently. The stats look great, wen x payouts is the question?

Good plan and Good Luck I might work on it too
I loved the X a lot after the recent updates and this might make it really great.

At first I thought building a twitter base is quite easy but Omo I discovered it requires huge hardwork

You are doing great - I tend to alternate days when I really push Hive/InLeo content - so there some alternation in my feed.

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