Tokenize projects and pass out those micro earnings.

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I love the idea of micro earnings. It's one of the things that got me exited about Hive in the first place all those years ago.

If you look at the big platforms they are able to provide some huge money to their top performers but that leaves the rest of us as the people adding that value to the sites.

Why can't we all get our value back form the hours that we put in. A few years ago it wasn't even a question. Then we found Hive where the reward pool is distributed to everyone. Now twitter is lowering the barrier to earnings.

All of the sites allow you to earn in one way or another but the bar tends to be very high. The value funnels from the many to the few.

It's not easy to earn a living from any of the sites but even harder to earn form multiple as they tale so much time and effort to hit those heights.

That's why it's great to be able to earn small amounts from multiple apps due to the tokenization of everything and crypto. Smart contracts make it possible to distribute funds automatically and crypto wallets can take multiple payments form various sources.

My hive wallet is constantly getting tokens from the various apps and sites that i use and over time this will only keep growing.

It started with and just kept expanding from there.

  • Steemgar.
  • Drug wars.
  • Appics.
  • Steemmonsters.

Back in the old days.

That was just the starting point. Since then there have been dozens of apps that have tried and failed but the end goal is the same.

Tokenize these apps and provide a steady stream of income for the users.

Nowadays it's all about,

  • Splinterlands.
  • Inleo.
  • Liketu.
  • Peakd.

The only difference is the longevity and quality of where we spend our time now compared to five years ago.

Where it will really get fun is if we see established sites retrofit these concepts. Reddit tried and failed but they never commited.

What happens if we see it with twitter, facebook, wikipedia. Or even smaller known sites like wattpad or medium.

Imagine that ever site that you spend time on would give you back a little money every week depending on your use and popularity. It might not seem like much but we live online these days. All those hours of scrolling could be worth something.

In some countries it might even be a lot.
There is so much value trapped by social media that the possibilities are endless.

A steady stream of micro earnings form all of your online acitvities. Extra funds for investments. A share in each of the websites. NFT's for special achievements.

We're going to see a lot of these developments right here with @inleo but whether it's going to take off or not is the question.

The principles behind it are very strong so getting people interested will be the trick. Show people the possibilities behind the micro earnings concept and try to get that pinwheel moving.

If we can bring the users in then the whole eco-system becomes more valuable which makes it easier to bring in the next wave.

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If we can bring the users in then the whole eco-system becomes more valuable which makes it easier to bring in the next wave.

So much depends on this. As easy as it may sound. It’s not an easy fit if systems are run by humans and distribution of rewards is heavily unequal.

Our scope of market is still small compared to the millions of eyeballs web2 platforms are able to get.

I believe as time goes on and in the future, we might be seeing more development about others project rising up to provide micro earnings just as how hive is offering and some might even be much more better than that. Just a matter of time I strongly believe

I think that they definitely will. It's the way forward and if other platforms can see this working then they will copy it.

I was surprised to see how low revenue share was on Twitter. Jake Shields who was actually blowing Twitter up and was recently at least temporarily monetized was only showing $5,000 in potential payout.

It's a large amount of money but it's being split a lot of ways.

There are so many big names that it's hard to get a decent slice.