We don't work like the last generation.

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Maybe it's a good thing?


I can only speak from my own experience but from what i have seen. Our parents generation just had a better work ethic. Their parents before them had a better one and the generation after mine is little to non-existent. Personally I would be a good worker without killing myself.

Now times change and attitudes change with them but back in those generations if you wanted to achieve something in life then you went out and got it. Worked hard, built yourself up to a strong position and achieved success.

I have a decent life which has been helped by a good example from my own parents who built a comfortable life through hard work and common sense. It was enough for them to work hard and invest wisely to be well set up in retirement.

I'm saying this as i sit in my armchair, on my laptop watching a rugby match. Not what they would have considered work.

We have a different attitude to work. With the rise of online earning and remote working we have a much more blurred relationship with work.

My parents worked full time jobs, dad came home and when it was still bright went up to the farm and did a little bit more.


The darkness was almost the line between work and rest. There was always something to do around the place.

I can pick up my phone at any hour of the day or night and use it to earn some money. My girlfriend works in a large company and has dealings worldwide. They can set meetings at any hour of the morning or evening and with remote working in most places there is less distinction between work and home life.

But i think that we have less inclination towards hard work in general. I don't mind logging on to earn some money later in the evening but there is very little chance of me getting up and doing anything physical after 8pm. Once the clock hits 8, i'm all about sitting down and turning on the tv. If i have the day off i could happily watch a movie at 10am which would be sacrilege to the older generation.

I was working at a house this week and the owner was a lady in her 60's. When we landed she was well into her daily jobs and she kept going long after we clocked out. While we worked on the house she was outside with a big tub of cleaner doing the tarmacadam, paths, patio. Scrubbed down the doors, windows, shoots and if she had the daylight would probably have kept going. She said that she works most days so anytime away from work is time to do the home jobs. They built them tough back then.

My own granny passed away this year at 94. She started when it got bright out and stopped when it got dark. I went up to say hello at 91 and found her balanced on a little stepladder leaning over the hedges cutting them. I tried to do it for her but she was having non of it. She didn't know how not to be working. Back in her day you worked or you had nothing. Work or die.

Now we have a generation raised on phones and have everything handed to them from a young age. Spoonfed until they are 18 and then when they do have to get a job come in for a rude awakening when they are expected to do it well and work hard for their achievements.

Unfortunately any of the younger people that we had hired over the past few years just didn't know how to work. They never had to work growing up and when they were expected to do it hadn't learned these important life lessons. I don't think it's healthy to work every hour of the day and night but i do think that young people have to be taught how to work. By the time they leave college it's a bit too late and there are still some hungrier people out there and people from other countries that will want it more.

A good work ethic is a valuable asset in life. You don't have to be breaking your back every day to see the power of consistency and making good choices in life. There are lots of ways to succeed but non of them will happen unless you go out and do it to a high standard.

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Totally agree with you as I would not hire my son as his work ethic is shocking. I work for myself as I end up doing the work myself anyway as the generation around today are just not switched on with no urgency. We can see this on Hive as the opportunity is here and most are too laid back and consistency is a struggle.

I wouldn't even hire most of my friends.
They just don't grind hard enough.
It's easy to see on hive and in the real world the people who are going to succeed as they put in the work and turn up consistenly. That is work ethic and runs across a persons whole lifestyle.

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My mum's definition of work is doing things from sunrise to sunset whether it be at the office or at home. Unless she's sick, she doesn't know how to take a break. I still wonder where she gets the energy to do all that work. The modern generation definitely don't know how to work, everything is just too easy for them.

I relate to the theme of this article a lot, as I have noticed the same patterns. My father, who is an old man now, enjoys working all day long (especially in fresh air), and hates it when he lays down in bed doing nothing all day long.

THey just aren't built to do nothing. After a full lifetime of being told that they need to work your not going to change those habits now.

As long as they are happy with it then it's not the worst way to live. Not for me but i had a much softer upbringing than my parents did.

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I work for a large organization and am responsible for hiring staff. I completely agree with your post. It’s been difficult having to tell them what is expected in terms of productivity and professionalism when it should be something they should know and do automatically. I had someone try to call out last minute because it was her birthday. Seriously.

It's tough out there for companies now. It's not going to get any better either as the next generation think that they are entitled to everything and that they are the priority.

At the moment there are lots of jobs out there in my country but that will swing around again as it always does. Then it will be survival of the fittest and they will get a wake up call when the real workers are the ones that are hired and do well.

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Same sentiment. My head is aching when I see my brother do the work that's so easy to do yet he struggles. I also noticed in this generation, a little problem they face, they think it's already anxiety or depression.

I also noticed in this generation, a little problem they face, they think it's already anxiety or depression.

Good point actually. When everything is handed to you it can get overwhelming when you have to face adversity. they seem to really have a lot of mental health issues that were never tha tcommon.

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Things have changed a lot and my parents lament the work ethics that the current generation has. In fact, my dad says that I am not truly working because most of my work is on the computer. It's kind of scary how everything has turned digital. If the internet went down, I am pretty sure the entire economy in the US might be paralyzed. We rely so much on technology that one thing failing cripples a lot of things.

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my dad says that I am not truly working because most of my work is on the computer. It's kind of scary how everything has turned digital.

There is a huge generation gap here as well. They only tend to understand physical work whereas my parents don't really believe me when i sit down with the laptop and say that im earning money online.

If the internet ever goes down the world will turn into chaos.

Everything, everywhere has become dependant on the infrastructure.

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Finger on the pulse here man. I have some jobs designated to my kids which helps my wife and I, but more importantly teaches the lads about responsibilities and instills some of that work ethic you mention. The generation before us were and are something else for work ethic. Luckily i inherited that from my parents too.

It's the only way they will learn. Actually going out and doing some chores, earning money, learning about the real world.

Great to see that some people still have their heads screwed on.

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I strongly agree with you, the world is changing and things the older generation will consider absurd is now normal. I think this generation is very lucky

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Every person has a talent but not everyone knows how to utilize it Opportunities come once in a lifetime and if we do not take advantage of them we will remain poor forever.

THere are opportunites everywhere but as you say, very few people know how to take them.

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