When you have a thousand steps to take just start at the first one.

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Every step forward shortens the journey.

I've been quiet online for the past week since moving into our new house last week but it's a positive challenge.

We had a house but outgrew it very fast over the last few years. First world problems really but four people and an office in a small little three bed house didn't compute. Our spare room was also our baby's room plus my fiancé's office. There was a lot going on there during the day and with work hours all over the place and so much happening with the kids it was hard to keep up with life.

My office was the sitting room couch with my laptop on my legs. There wasn't even space for my real computer in the place. So we had been looking for a better option over the summer and found what we were looking for.

A nice five bedroom house in the countryside not too far from where we were living. We had actually viewed it last may and loved it but we weren't ready to buy another property and didn't have the paperwork in order to make it happen. The house is lovely and flew off the market straight away. It did give us the kick up the arse needed to get things in order for when the next house came along.

We viewed a good few over the summer but none of them were as nice as the first one that we liked. Funnily enough we had finished up looking as the summer was almost over and life was too busy to keep looking. Then i was just keeping an eye on the market and I saw the same house up for sale again.

After a few enquiries it turns out that the person who was to buy it lost their job and the sale fell through. Unlucky for them unfortunately but it worked out nicely for us. We were ready to go and the race was on. A price was agreed and the banks signed off on it so last Friday we got the keys to our new house.

It's not as sunny here any more but the place still looks great.

The house is in great shape and only 14 years old so nice and modern inside. With that said it hasn't had much done to it over the past 14 years and needs a full makeover from top to bottom.

Nothing huge but,

1000 small jobs.

After all the panic of boxing up our old place and moving everything over here we have to start unpacking it all back into this one.

The first thing on the list is all of the painting. Not every room but about half need a redo. When we moved in last week the first one that i attacked was an office for my fiance. It used to be a room for their kids to plays games but after it got stripped out I painted all of the walls and moved in her office bits.

Then came their old gym room. Stripped it back. Painted, cleaned and added a few basic bits to start.

I think it came out quite well. Next on the list today is our bedroom for a bit of paint and brin in the furniture.

Then we need to go shopping and buy a lot of small bits and pieces that are missing. Every job done or box opened is another step forward to completing the job.

It seems like a huge task right now but it gets a bit less every time we accomplish something.

We also adopted two lovely little kittens that came with the house.

Named oreo and cookie. Not by me but the little girl who was living here before us and didn't want to leave them behind. They weren't able to go with the family to their new house and we had planned on a few pets down the line so it couldn't turn them down.

Lovely little things that have great fun running around the place and causing havoc every day.

And that is where i've been all week. Probably for a few more weeks as well but we'll get there.

Plenty time for hive later in the winter once the house is all finished up.

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Congratulations! The lovely big garden will be fantastic in the summer. You might invest in one of those driving mowers (don't even know what they're called) with that amount of grass to maintain.

Thanks @beanz.
Trying to get the inside done for xmas but spring will see me outside with a ride-on mower for the big lawns. Lots of potential to do something cool though. Chicken coop, veg garden, wildflowers....

It will be lots of work but i love the outdoors.

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The house is really amazing even the surrounding environment is very beautiful but it seems that the house is in a very quiet environment from other localities.

It's not too far from lots of towns and cities but just far enough to have quietness and greenery on all sides.
Just what we wanted.

Ah well wear man!! That's a quality house ye have bought. Delighted for ye. Back out in countryside where you grew up yourself, which will be mighty for the kids and pets. We did similar moving from an estate in Ashbourne to Galway countryside 3 years ago and we are still tipping away at things bit by bit. Great that the drive is tarmaced too which is mighty for kids with scooters, skateboards, few kicks, few picks etc. All the very best with the next chapter Niall.

Thanks @ablaze, Delighted to get it over the line and finally move in. Lots of work to do now but thats part of the fun. One big push for now to get the big jobs out of the way and then get sick of it and leave the rest for a few more years....

It's always nicer to be in th econtryside with space for the kids. Grass for the hurling and tarmac for the bikes. Just like we grew up with.

Lots to look forward to.

I can relate with all of this. I was Mr. DIY for around a year doing loads of stuff when we bought our new house. We don't have tarmac, but hoping to get it done in the next few years, but there won't be much change out of €20K as we're on a half acre site.

Congrats on the new house! Hive can wait! Make sure you have the house ready for the winter.

Hive will be there at xmas when i've all the jobs done. It's hard to take a break but some things are more important. Hopefully we get a nice bull run at some stage and see a few profits this year.

It will be nicely set up by xmas with the jobs done and decorations up.

That's a lovely house and a lovely atmosphere to live in :)

Thanks. It's only been a week but already feels like a family home. Kids and pets everywhere. 😂

Ah that's cool :)

Nice. Great the house you wanted came back onto the market. Looks great for the kids with a good sized garden to play in. I have seen loads of garage conversions with an office upstairs or a flatlet so down the line you have other options.

It's amazing how it came back around for us. Now I just need a good solid bull run for the year to make a dent in it.

It's perfect for family and kids with all the space. The garage is a big plus too and could be converted easily enough. It could become an office or a space for me in time to come.


Love the open view of this lovely place! The make over will take time, but I think the process will be worthwhile. Good options to choose from :)

I grew up in the countryside so it's great to get back to what we love. Space and greenery with lots of options to make our own.


I love the environment, it seems it is surrounded with a bit of nature. The place is amazing

Oh my God, a big congratulations to the new house. I must confess it's looking so so amazing