With Bitcoin pumping the game is on.

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Many of us have been here before.

Bitcoin prices are pumping and slowly dragging the whole altcoin market with it. Maybe not Hive yet but a rising Bitcoin lifts all boats.

Hive has slipped down the crypto rankings somewhat and while it's not a good aesthetic it's purely cosmetic. Hive is still one of the best blockchains out there in terms of technology. The crap that's moving up the rankings ahead of it is just the same garbage that's been pumped and dumped for the past five years in another form.

The majority of them have no innovation or purpose beyond moving money form one place to the next. Their market cap is based on hype and marketing.

Anything that i explore is either another defi clone or full of scams and market manipulation. Very few have people building real use case like we have on hive here.

But Bitcoin at 100K will get outside attention again. People talking about it in the pub and looking to get started. That's a great opportunity for us to grow the community and bring in new users.

Apps like LEO have light accounts now and if they could get rid of the bugs would be a great starting spot for people to start earning tokens. With their evergreen rewards i need to start sharing my content to a wider audience and when i have time try to write more outward facing content. The opposite of what i'm doing right now in fact.

But it's hard sometimes to put together those type of posts. They take time and effort that's rarely rewarded in the short term.

But at 100k everything changes. We need to start looking towards the long term. If the price of Hive stays down during these pumps then it's up to the community to make it happen. We are all in crypto and have other investments. If you believe in hive then we need to keep buying up the supply.

Little bits at a time but there needs to be buying pressure or the price will keep slipping. We need to be increasing our activity on LEO and drive their ad revenue. We need to be shilling splinterlands and bring in new players.

This is our community and if we want it to succeed then the users need to be doing what they can to help that success. we cant all build games and code projects but we can all drive traffic to leo and shill the other projects on chain.

That's the game.

Piggy back off the bitcoin hype and people looking at our projects. Every project is going to be pumping at some stage but most of them have no substance.

It's important to attract users but even more important to hold onto them for a long period of time. We've spent too much time losing users in a slow drip so now we need to start bringing them back in.

The easiest way to get more people joining is to have a higher price. At $5 per hive we will see a lot more people joining organically.

The easiest way to to raise the price of hive is to increase the price of our L2's. If SPS or LEO hit $1 then we have a lot of funds in the community and a portion of that will always flow back to the main one.

That needs to be a focus.

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Couldn't agree more man, the entire community needs to get on it. Even if someone can't purchase that much Hive, they should at least try to stake some of their earnings and keep them powered up.

We have too much selling pressure.

We don't all have the money but we can all do our part to help the eco-system grow.

Small efforts all add up.

The best thing that will happen to someone in this period is to hold crypto but making sure they are ones that are trustworthy
The bull run is here!

It's important to take profits along the way too.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in a bull is to get too greedy and keep trying to multiply.

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I think this is just the beginning as more and more is coming soon