Write what you know. Find your niche.

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It's hard to rise to the top of your game if your playing all of the different types.

I've written before about expertise in a field and how valuable that is here. Knowing what others don't. Being able to solve problem that others can't. Teaching what others want.

That's a skill in itself.
A very valuable one.

But to gain expertise you need to put the time into learning about a project. Know the ins and outs and be able to give something that others can't. It might just be an opinion but it needs to be an informed opinion.

We are all writers here but some are a lot more successful than others. We all have a voice and a reason to write articles but some stand out a lot more than others.

Why is that?

Because they have something worth saying. I follow people like taskmaster because they are experts on hive and what is happening.

I follow Khal and anomadsoul because they have info on leofinance that i want. Expertise and inside information that can be useful.

I follow imno and gadrian because they have interesting insights and opinions on splinterlands.

I follow blanchy and ablaze because they are irish and make posts that i can relate to.

I follow more over the years for various reasons and to support long time users for the platform even if their content isn't the best. But i have a reason for all of it.

They all have something to say that i want to hear. I pass over a lot of other content on hive to read the ones that interest me. It's all in what they know.

I'm not sure what my niche is but i like to keep trying.

I write a variety of content across crypto but 90% of it is hive and hive related projects combined with the general ramblings of a madman. It seems to work though.

Some people pretend to read it for the juicy upvotes in the comments but over the years I've gotten a few people that keep turning up again.

I was looking at a few new projects to write about on Leo this week from the new communities that have been set up this week. After opening up each one of them and trying to put together some interesting content for an article I realized that i didn't give a shit about any of them. Trying to put together an article about a project that i know nothing about, have no interest in and don't even like just wouldn't work for me.

Maybe they could be brilliant projects and the game on onix does look well put together but I can't write on what i know nothing about. Without expertise it would only be a rewrite of the whitepaper summarized with pictures.

I can do it but that just doesn't make me happy. I would rather stick to what i like and enjoy the process.

It might be time to expand my niche but i haven't found much outside of hive worth getting involved with.

Hopefully we see the everything app become a place that we can start our own communities for any subject that we have a passion for and open up the site away form finance. I can see a rebrand coming in the near future and a change of direction from leofinance.

I can write and discuss sports, movies, books, politics or anything else that we can chat about over a pint as a topic. Content that might hold interest to wider audience than crypto can command.

At the moment leofinance is very niche but that is changing with the advent of threads. We have gone from one type of use to two and a much broader one than before.

Now with the release of communities on leo we might become a collection of niches in one place. A leo community or leo collective. A place for more authors to come and write what they know. Bring in a new generation of leo users and see what can happen with more experts and opinions.

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Thanks for the shout out auld stock, I always enjoy reading your posts, they are always well thought out and it's clear you know what you are trying to convey before you start and therefore there is not much meandering which is good. They are also just right in terms of length. I have a lot of people whose content I like to read, so if something is too long, unless it is really engaging, I will stop reading and move to the next post.

"It's hard to rise to the top of your game if your playing all of the different types."

That's a great point and it's as true on Hive as it is in Sports, eventually you must find your niche and become as much of an expert as possible.

Ye were unlucky in the hurling on Sunday, I thought ye'd beat them - I think ye would have only for Eoin Murphy who pulled off a few worldy saves... Ye are def moving in the right direction though..

You can be expert in multiple things, but the majority can't even tell one. I follow you because you sometimes find a sweet spot. I find about 40% of your post worth reading and those are good quality...without you being an expert. So being a bit more knowledgeable is enough to teach something. I don't really know what I wanted to tell here, I finish instead.

I'll take 40%. Something to work on for the future anyway.
Every day is a chance to improve and build.
I suppose that expertise is relative to need. I would have a lot of expertise in navigating hive but definitely not an expert on how it operates.

Maybe not enough to teach others but hopefully enough to start conversations.

Yep. There is a threshold where you do more harm than good. If you get above it you are worth learning from. The hard part is telling who is above and who is under that threshold.

I must confess the fact that I read a lot of books and consume a lot of articles on chain gives me a leg up. So I have so many things to say and probably limited time. But I have my two accounts to separate financial niches from the rest of the niches that I know a little about and love to share a few words.

Since I started following your content, I haven't had any regrets, you do say what you know, and you say them well.

I hope other writers find their niches too, and now that we have communities on Leo, it's going to be a chain where every gift, talent, and voice is heard.

All the best to you.

Thanks for that.
I spend my first couple of years reading and commenting before i had much to say about anything. I still just like ot blog for the sake of writing and thats a good place to start.

Enjoy the process and it won't feel like work.

I hope other writers find their niches too, and now that we have communities on Leo, it's going to be a chain where every gift, talent, and voice is heard.

I'm looking forward to this and a lot more interesting content to consume.

It's definitely hard to write about something that you don't have much interest in. The words won't just come out. The willingness to learn and implement is a prerequisite to becoming knowledgeable in any topic. But I think finding our niche, topics that really interests us is the best place to start. Fortunately, topics to write about keeps growing as the ecosystem expands.

Writing about what you don't know or have just a surface idea about is more like rephrasing whatever most people have already talked about without adding our knowledge, opinion or criticism to the plot.

Before now I like to think it was easier to read about something today and be able to write about it the next day.

However, over time, I’ve realized my brain doesn’t work that way(can’t say much for others)because when I have no deep knowledge about a topic or niche, I find it hard to write in my natural voice.

it’s also far from enjoyable, but the more I keep feeding my brain with good data on the said topic over time, maybe a week or two, I realize that I’m able to write about it in my voice without having to think too much about what to write.

It’s easy to get into the writing groove that way and have time to make it enjoyable for readers to read and reread just because of how it’s written.

It's creating content but it's not writing. It's like doing school homework by copying from another persons work.
Everybody has their own writing process and you can only be yourself.
I like to sit and let my mind flow onto the page. If i have to keep stopping and researching it's very hard to get a post together.
Whereas if i keep reading content and forming my own thoughts and opinions then it's easier to sit down and put those thoughts in a post.

Your voice is your brand so it needs to be authentic.