The concept of wholeness

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The word wholeness used to refer to several types of higher reality such as love, life, freedom, religion, spirituality, etc., but now it is one of the representative words that becomes most flat and emotionless.

Especially nowadays, the combination of spirituality and wholeness is like a regular supermarket promotion. The product introductory text that adorns the top of the flyer reads “Only today is your chance!”.

"Once you get this, you are the king of the world! You are always in a calm emotional state without being shaken by any stimulation, and as long as you focus on what you want, it becomes yours according to the law of attraction. Everything in the world this is yours. Spirituality! You are the protagonist. Enjoy a world of integrity where you live as the protagonist through spirituality."

With the same shock, it blows us away that we can no longer live like this.

Therefore, we need to save ourselves from the curse of the Black Flame Dragon sealed in our left arm. We need to restore the handsome left arm like everyone else. Immediately, it is necessary to restore the meaning of integrity.

Above all, it is necessary to understand that perfection is not the same as the state of the protagonist in martial arts. This is an important understanding because it makes it clear that integrity is not an adult delusion with a secondary illness.

Integrity is a real state.

This is a real state that everyone in life has to experience at least once.

If you're not too surprised, you can say:

Integrity is a state of death.

Another name for death is wholeness.

But death here is not a picture of pain and tragedy created by our bad imaginations. Nor is it an abstract concept for the explanation of a metaphysical view of the universe.

Death is the actual state at the time of life is over.

In other words, death is a state in which we feel perfection in life.

One day, when we have a good day, when we fall asleep saying, "Oh, that's good," with a feeling of fullness that is no less, and lightness that we no longer need, we clearly experience that feeling. from death. Immediately, you experience a feeling of fullness.

Therefore, wholeness is related to meaning

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