What i think about cyber-bullying

in #internet4 months ago

In my personal opinion, cyberbullying is the persecution without measure that causes fear in Internet users since it is carried out through digital technology. Said harassment occurs through our social networks or through the text messaging used on our cell phones.

The purpose of this intimidation is to cause fear in the user in order to make said user submit to the will of those who harass him. Cyberbullying occurs when the situations that I will show you below occur:

Spreading embarrassing photos or videos off social media without the permission of the person appearing in them.

When they clone your social network and impersonate you and send misleading messages to your contacts with the intention of scamming or hurting them...

Fortunately I have not been a victim of cyberbullying, I always try to check the pages I browse on the internet; I do not leave traces of passwords or personal data that hackers can use to copy some of my accounts; nor do I accept people on my social networks that I do not know and whose personal profile does not have a photo that identifies them. Whenever I am going to accept an acquaintance in my social network, I call him on the phone and have him confirm with his own voice that he sent me the request to join one of my networks.