Understanding the Student life

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Actually we have to learn every chapter of life. You have to understand, you have to feel. The elders say learn from the cradle to the grave. That is, from the age of talking till death we only have to learn. As such we are all students and nature is our teacher. But not everyone will be able to understand this. Because we call the institutional education and the study period as student life.

Student life is a very important chapter, student life can be compared to iron. Iron can be made into anything desired by burning it. Likewise a student can be prepared as he pleases through hard practice.
Students are the future, the future will be entrusted to them, so they should be guided through the right education system.

Student life is sometimes harsh, sometimes beautiful and orderly.
In the current context, there is no such dire situation as before.
In the earlier period, the education system was shaky, there were only a handful of educated people in the society. The current education system is due to them.

A student must be full of ethics, there are many mistakes in student life, and those mistakes should be corrected and move forward.
Respect for teachers, respect for elders, love for children, ability to face all dangers, courage and virtue should dominate student life.

One of my grandfathers told us some stories of his student life. During their time they continued to study through many hardships, and financial strain. They traveled long distances to study in educational institutions, to pay school fees, and to buy books, he worked in shops and wrote for various newspapers. And after his father's death he had to give up his studies to take care of the family. He still cries because of the pain of not being able to finish his studies. It is really difficult.

In most cases in student life, some students drop out due to family and financial stress. Despite their great desire to study, they have to fulfill family responsibilities. It's really heartbreaking.

Education should not be limited to certificates only. Education is manifested in our behavior, speech, actions. So along with animal education it is necessary to be a good human being.

Everyone should enjoy student life. Use this time. Every moment of a student's life is important and should be spent honestly as a builder of a beautiful life and future.

But in some cases, parents start putting extra pressure and mental torture on their children. If for some reason the boy or girl does not achieve good results, both the society and the parents do a lot of emotional abuse and torture. As a result, in some cases, students are forced to commit heinous and heinous acts like suicide due to humiliation and suffering. Studies show that poor outcomes in society and abusive parenting are responsible for the majority of adolescent deaths.

Finally it can be said that a student means the successor of the future. So every student should make use of this time without neglecting it. and enjoying student life.

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